Buckingham Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Organized By Rev. Francis Makemie 1683


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The History of

Buckingham Presbyterian Church

In 1683, Rev. Francis Makemie, of the Presbytery of Laggan, Ireland, came to the American colonies to minister with persons of the reformed Christian faith.  He organized congregations along the coasts of Maryland and Virginia.  Buckingham Presbyterian Church was one of those congregations. Makemie preached at the Inn on the Burley Plantation, present day Berlin.
Buckingham has had five sanctuaries:  The first on the Buckingham plantation, south of Berlin; the second and third on the site of the cemetery at the south end of town; and the fourth and fifth on the present site. 
For over three centuries, the congregation has witnessed to Christ as Lord and Savior and ministered to continuing generations of people.

Vision Statement

We are a community of disciples,
Who honor all people,
Care for those in need,
Share the hope we receive from Jesus Christ.