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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

by KARLA Davis on May 18, 2018

I first joined “Spiritual Formation” because I was feeling a lack.  Not a lack of faith or belief in God, but a lack of connectedness to God. I felt tired in my soul and in my being.  I had heard people speaking of having a “personal relationship with God” but I didn’t know what that meant.  I have a strong belief in God but I wanted to understand better what it was that I actually believe about God. There is no fact we can hold in our hands with regards to who or what God is, (I long accepted that God is beyond my mortal understanding,) and I know that I was created by God, in God’s image, so I came to believe my questions had to be more about finding out Who I am? The “I” that is spirit, the “I” that God knew before I was born human and the “I” that I will be long after my human body has turned back to dust.

  So, I saw spirituality as being my spirit’s connection with something bigger than myself.  A connectedness to all that God created and through that, find a connectedness to God, the Highest Power, The Creator; find a sense of purpose to all that is this life; find a way to continue on this physical journey, with all the fears, and losses, and tragedies and failures that come with mortal life; and find an understanding of the “whys?”-- Why those we love leave this mortal world before us? Why we suffer? Why we feel lost and alone? Finding a way to “feed” the spiritual needs and the feeling of “something missing” which causes the empty internal feeling most of us have inside, yet are at a lost to know the cause of the hunger gnawing in our guts.  

After being with this Spiritual Formation group for several years now, sharing our Spiritual journey together, I have learned that there are many different ways of connecting our spirits to God and thereby strengthening our spirituality.  One way is through Prayer. Prayer is our way of “talking” to God.  Of connecting with God.  I used to worry that I wasn’t praying the right way.  Now I see that no one can tell me what the “right” way to pray is.   That is between me and my Father.  As personal and private as I want it to be.

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