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A Lenten Wilderness Meditation

A Lenten Wilderness Meditation

by Rev. Mark Piedmonte-Silvoy on February 24, 2021

Take a moment to picture yourself in the wilderness –
let an image come to mind.
What does your wilderness look like?
What’s there that has you worried or scared?
What temptations do you face?
What wild beasts are nipping at your feet?
Don’t panic – just take a moment to breathe – you’re not alone.
Who are the angels whom God has sent to be by your side?
A friend? A family member? A neighbor?
Let them come to mind and give thanks.
Decide to accept their help.
Dig in deep – feel the Holy Spirit in you – giving you strength –
Helping you to re-envision this wilderness –
Not as a place of fear – but for growth and learning –
about yourself for deepening your trust – your faith –
your need for God –
And God’s promises of steadfast love in Jesus…
who is right there in the wilderness with you.
Remind yourself of that reality – and say to yourself:
"I will survive this with His help.  Amen."


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