Extraordinary Prayer - Part 2

Extraordinary Prayer - Part 2

August 20, 2023 | Mark Piedmonte

Passage: Matthew 6:11-13

We continue this week with Jesus’s teaching His disciples how to pray in the words we know best as “The Lord’s Prayer.”  The second half of the prayer shifts its focus a bit – with an emphasis on “us.” That is, the “we” – you and me – and all who declare their relationship with God in this prayer.
What we want and need from God is seen clearly in the verbs of the prayer.  In it we bid God to "give," to "forgive "and to "lead/deliver" us.  To be clear, these verbs bid us not to just to take - but to also give.  This part of the prayer demands our willingness to live with just enough for the day; our willingness to forgive others, even our enemies; and our willingness to go where God needs us to go as opposed to our own way. 

All this is to say that in this prayer we not only declare all that God is and does for us – but also all we are, and hope to be and do for God and for one another. 

Do you find the prayer’s demand on our lives to be maybe a bit daunting? Even dangerous?  That makes sense.  The Lord’s Prayer calls us all to question: Can we be the disciples Jesus calls us to declare in prayer to be?