Losing the Weight of Temptation

Series: Boot Camp for the Soul

Losing the Weight of Temptation

February 26, 2023 | Mark Piedmonte

Passage: Psalms 32:1-11

This week we will begin a Lenten sermon series called “Boot Camp for the Soul.” Most may think of “boot camp” in a military way – perhaps having been through it themselves – or maybe seeing scenes in movies or shows that depict the experience of soldiers getting ready for active duty.  “Boot camp” in this sense is meant to get one into shape, perhaps lose some weight and gain strength, and get focused for the hard work of being in active duty.

We can say, though, that life often comes with various “boot camps” – times in which we are required to hit the “reboot” button and get ready for whatever “active duty” is required of us.  This is true when starting a new job, or getting married, or becoming a parent (or a grandparent!).  We all have times in our life which require us to gain new strength and focus.

The season of Lent, then, when taken seriously, can be a sort of boor camp for the soul.  It can be a time to focus on our spiritual lives and see more clearly areas where we could use some strength training, or where we’re being weighed down, or where we may be out of control. 

Lent - like military boot camp – may push us a bit and even leave us at times feeling sore.  But in the end, we may just find ourselves emerge on Easter morn, more ready than ever for the active duty into which our faith in the Risen Lord calls us all.

Our “boot camp” starts this week with a look at the hard work of facing - and defeating – temptation. We all have temptations which seem so overpowering at times.  Temptations take many forms and - when given in to - often cause much damage to our lives and the lives of others.  Our temptations always seek get in the way and keep us distracted from the way we are meant to live.  Temptations may feel like freedom at first; but leave us imprisoned once we give in.  We’ve all known the imprisoning feeling of giving in to sin. 

Hopefully, though, we’ve also known the joy of knowing we are forgiven! Or the feeling of walking away from temptation and just, if you will, leaving the devil in the dust.

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