Nagging Questions

Nagging Questions

August 30, 2020 | Mark Piedmonte

Passage: Matthew 16:13-26

Scripture Readings for Sunday, August 30, 2020:
Romans 12: 9-18; Matthew 16: 13-26

 Reflection: Sometimes there are just too many questions to answers. (Can I get an Amen!) Like, when the doctor gives you that stack of papers on the clip board and asks you to fill out all your personal medical information…again!  We wonder why we keep having to do this.  It all seems so redundant!

 But for Christians, there are certain questions of faith that we should always be willing to contemplate. Last week we considered one, when Jesus asks What are you looking for?  A great question to be sure and one I hope we have all been discerning. This week we will consider another question, when Jesus asks his disciples: Who do you say that I am?  Is our answer the same as Peter’s (You are the Messiah, the son of the living God)? If so, good.  But do we also struggle, as Peter did, to grasp all that is required to believe Jesus to be the Messiah - and of us to follow Him?

 Let’s consider this question together a bit on Sunday, and look to Paul’s letter to the Romans for a little help in discovering ways we may learn to give up a bit of ourselves in order to fully follow in the ways of Jesus. I look forward to worshipping God together with you - at either the 9 or 11 service – or both!

Invite a neighbor, family member or friend.  See you then.


Pastor Mark