The Light Within

The Light Within

February 26, 2023 | Mark Piedmonte

Passage: Exodus 24:12-18

Note: Prior to the beginning of the service, we were joined by Lauren Cooper and Lauren Evans from the Cricket Center who shared with us the very hard and very good work that the Center provides for abused children and their families. The Cricket Center is one of the organizations we hope to bless through our new Sewing Seed of Love Youth Ministry.)

Before the season of Lent begins, we always hear a reading of the Transfiguration of Jesus - the powerful, awesome and mysterious moment when Peter, James and John witness a light so bright just pouring out from Jesus.

As they, and we, witness again that light, let us obey God’s voice to “listen” to Jesus and follow Him. Let us not be so wanting to stay up on the mountain, but rather be willing to follow Him down into the valley to shine our light in the world.