Timing is Everything

Series: Getting In on the ACT(S)tion

Timing is Everything

May 22, 2022 | Mark Piedmonte

Passage: Acts 1:1-14

We all know, as the old saying goes, that “timing is everything.” And I’m sure that we all have stories to tell – good or bad - of just how true that saying is, yes?  

This week, and for the next many weeks to come, we will be exploring the great story known as the Book of Acts. At its heart, Acts is a story about timing – God’s timing. It begins with its telling of Jesus’s Ascension, when His disciples ask: Is this the time that you will restore the Kingdom of Israel?” Even now, they still didn’t quite get it. But they will – soon – when the promised Holy Spirit comes upon them and gets them all fired up! For the moment, though, after seeing Jesus ascend into Heaven, they will go back home to wait and contemplate: what are we supposed to do now?

Starting here in Acts chapter one, we will go (almost) chapter to chapter, week by week, discovering together the exciting action-packed adventure of this story written to all God- lovers to encourage and inspire their faith, trust and allegiance to Jesus – at all times and in all circumstances. In it, we will learn from the stories of the early church leaders like Peter and Paul. We will see how their lives were changed by the coming of the Holy Spirit as they ventured out to build the Church. In their stories, we will find our own story and the action that we are still called to take on as the church moves forward throughout history.

To begin, let’s ask: How do we define “church” in our time and place? How are we still called to help build up the church with hope and faith? How might we – with the help of the Holy Spirit – continue to see the church ascend to new heights for Jesus Christ – without fear? Let’s consider these questions right from the start.  Timing is everything, my friends – and the time is now. 

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