Waiting for Authorization

Waiting for Authorization

January 31, 2021 | Mark Piedmonte

We’ve all had to wait for authorization at one time or another.  Whether it’s from a doctor, or a teacher or for a financial exchange – we sometimes have to wait for someone in authority, somewhere “out there,” to authorize something for us. 


Our Gospel reading from Mark this week points to the ultimate authority for our lives – Jesus Christ.  And Mark makes it clear – with Jesus’ arrival, there is no more waiting.  All authority – on heaven and earth – is here!  And all who hear him teach are astounded and amazed by his authority – even the unclean spirits who wonder what on earth he has to do with them?  (The answer: everything!)


Ask this week:

Are you amazed and astounded by Christ’s authority in your life?  Do you believe that spiritual healing can take place in your life and family? In our community and nation?  In our church?  Do we believe that we can stand together – astounded and amazed – at Christ’s authority – letting him lead the way and His teaching be our guide?


Think about it.  Read and pray on the scriptures.