Packing Light

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Packing Light

July 18, 2021 | Mark Piedmonte

Passage: Mark 6:1-13


As we gear up for vacation, my family and I are already wondering: what do we bring? What will we need? We are, as always, trying to find the right balance of not packing too much but not forgetting anything. Yet no matter how hard we try we always seem to bring WAY too much!

In our reading this week Jesus sends His disciples on a trip and tells them to pack lightly. Why? Because where they are going they will find that God will provide what all they’ll need and it will be more than enough to accomplish their mission of spreading the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

What do WE bring when we head out into the world with an opportunity to share the good news? What gets in the way? What might we do without so others may hear us say: listen and believe the good news that Jesus is the Son of God who has come to save you?

Think about it.

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